Say Hello To My Little End

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The Golden Child

Isabella, storytime.

For first time fathers still obsessed with popular culture comes these wholesome Golden Book-inspired drawings from Pixar story artist Josh Cooley of scenes from movies inappropriate for any child under the age of 17. Each is perfect for teaching little ones the golden rule of violent, sadistic crime cinema while simultaneously creating an everlasting and bloodied bond between father and daughter and celluloid.


Design by Nathan W. Pyle.

If a cursor falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


Kindred Spirits

Best opening shot ever. 

The New York Times talks popcorn movies and by popcorn I mean wine, bourbon, scotch and whisky.


Last Night a DJ Saved the World

Art by Steve Yun.

DJ Jesus breaks bread over breakbeats.


Console Me in My Darkest Hour

Photo by Patrick Molnar.

My thumbs hurt from just looking at these.



Photo from The Green Head.

That lunar-powered self-cleaning litter box you just bought for your cat, Mr. HAL 9000-Lives, may not necessarily be as ENERGY STAR compliant as its label suggests.


David, Son of God

This splendid article (written with affection and insight to spare by Wyatt Mason) previewing David Simon's upcoming Treme, a show many critics destine to be television's next great thing, seriously calls into question my long-running allegiance to the Sopranos as being the single greatest period of contemporary popular culture since people started calling popular culture popular culture. The Wire just might be better.


Plastic Little

Photo from the New York Times.

The licensing of Barbie to Mad Men is pure nirvana for popular culture junkies, but surely poison for the character of Roger Sterling as he will no longer be able to call women 'doll faces' on the show without breaking the all important fourth wall.